Pisco Waqar | Heritage
Pisco WAQAR is the result of a careful process in which innovation and tradition are combined. The wine, especially elaborated for this pisco, derives from hand-picked harvesting of Muscat grapes that grow in century-old vineyards. Combined with the terroir from Tulahuén, an ancient town at the foothill of the Andes Mountains in the northern region of Chile, these grapes have given fame and recognition to Chilean wines and pisco. The quality of Pisco WAQAR lies in a family distillation culture which has been handed down from father to son, for over five generations. We have used state-of-the-art technology and small-batch processing to allow more control over the final product. In this way, what you have in your hands is a unique hand-made pisco, natural and aromatic, with no chemical components.
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Handed down from father to son for over five generations

When Escolástica Álvarez married Rafael Camposano in 1850, two important families were joined and also a whole culture combining the heritage of the Spanish and the Diaguita.  Adding to the tenancy of the land a family legacy, the mystique and spirituality of our ancestral communities. The Camposano began to discover in the lands of Tulahuén the riches and the mysteries of a fascinating land. The land, in turn, gave itself magnificently to the hands of young farmers who started making a future in them.   The growing of the vine and the crafting of productsderived from the grape has kept the family united to these magical northern lands for over 150 years.  Five generations of the Camposano family are the protagonists of a story of tradition, family values and identity around an unique liquor branded with the seal of the lands of Tulahuén and the work of its people.  Today, with tradition,innovation and passion for the charming lands of Tulahuén, the family is carrying forward the challenge of delivering a Pisco that satisfies the most demanding palates.

The men and women of our land make Pisco Waqar become a reality with their own hands. They are the great artisans of Tulahuén, who preserve the tradition that has given our pisco it’s unique touch.

The muscatel grape has a delicate aroma and a delicious sweet flavor. The grains of this variety are big, smooth, round and the skin possesses a golden or rosy color. This grape has been grown for over a hundred years in Tulahuén, developing in an exceptional fashion thanks to the temperature contrast between the warm and dry climate of these lands. Even though many producers ceased to produce pisco with muscatel grapes, this variety still is the main raw material for Pisco Waqar. The exclusivity of this usage and the hand-picked harvest, demonstrate our interest to guard the tradition and give our product its characteristic intense aroma.